My 3 Biggest Achievements

When I closed my brick and mortar store is when I was forced to learn about Ranking my business on Google. Boom a new “More successful business” was born out of tragedy “Local SEO” AKA being found locally on the 1st page of Google. This business pays me a recurring income which allows me to take off when I want.

Here are a few key points:

– I always believed in myself. I never had any doubt I was going to be success. I just needed to find the right “thing”. I just knew I was going to be a successful business owner. I can’t explain it. I just knew it.

– Prior to website design (late 80’s early 90s) I tried many businesses that didn’t work:

* house painting,

* parking lot pot line painting

* and the best of all was “Dollars in your mailbox” until the postmaster general knocked on my door for mail fraud.

* plus 100 other ideas

– I was called names by my family like Ralph Kramden…etc and I was basically the joke because I tried a lot of stuff and failed.

– The breaking point was finding like minded business owers and mentors

Chris Schwimmer

Chris graduated from college and straight into a marketing job in 2009, when a company saw his potential and snapped him up. After two years, Bret decided to make him part of the Mindsaw team as a Project Manager back in 2011. Chris makes sure your project rolls along smoothly, and your rankings are getting better over time. More importantly, he oversees every SEO Project to ensure it’s doing its primary job well, selling your product or service. Chris knows Website and SEO inside-out.

John Paul Bugarin

John Paul, a college graduate and a  dynamic and results-driven web designer with a passion to create meaningful websites. He has been a part of the Mindsaw Team way back 2019. Since working with Mindsaw, he has become an expert in all aspects of WordPress website creation, including design, plug-ins, and implementation. Skilled in creating engaging and interactive websites. 

Fheb Barlomento

Fheb is a college graduate and has been a part of the Mindsaw Team way back in 2019 as a Virtual Assistant. Since then, she has worked hard helping Mindsaw clients improve their online presence through Internet Marketing. Along with the Mindsaw Team, she is dedicated to ensuring that she can lend her expertise and experience in SEO services to serve every client’s needs better and help them rank higher on Google and grow their business in this digital age.

Anthony Cabrera

Tony, “The SEO Guy,” is a fresh graduate when hired by Mindsaw back in 2017. He is not new to the field as he works with several clients before being part of the Mindsaw team. Since then, he grew as a person and continues to grow and learn with the Mindsaw Team. Tony makes sure that all the SEO services that the clients need will be rendered. He also makes sure that their rankings will improve. Along with the Mindsaw Team, Tony worked hard and gave his best to help the team and their clients.

Clients Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

Johnny Benton

Awesome tips and advice for local SEO. Definitely an expert in this field and I would recommend his services. All around great guy. Support your local businesses!


Just want to drop a line to show my appreciation for Bret. He is a fantastic teacher! I've been following him on YT for a while and really learning a lot. Thanks again!

- Dago C

Bret was referred to me by a friend to do my Local Seo and he is very knowledgeable in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

Don Siller

Bret always gives amazing valves and asks very little in return. He has extensive knowledge of SEO and local SEO. If you are having trouble with ranking your GMB use Mindsaw you have no regrets.