All You Need To Know About Internet Marketing Design

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All You Need To Know About Internet Marketing DesignWhat is internet marketing design? And how can it help me?

To an outsider, internet marketing can appear to be, well what exactly does it mean? And where do you start? And how will it help a business or product compared to traditional advertising and product or service design? Here, we break down how it works, the benefits and how internet marketing is vital to the marketing strategy of many businesses today.

What Is Internet Marketing Design?

Most purchases today, in fact 97% of them have an involvement in either researching the purchase decision online or making the purchase direct. At home you have access to Amazon, Google shopping and many other resources without having to move from your armchair. Consider anything you have researched online or actually bought over the last 12 months and there is a good chance even if you haven’t purchased online directly, you will have accessed the internet to check out what you are going to buy and went out, informed about your purchase and probably saving yourself a great deal of time in store.

Internet marketing is a key part of most marketing strategy. How it helps any marketing company increase their bottom line and reach the right audience is far more measurable:

  • Internet marketing allows the seller or company to target their audience far more effectively
  • Your marketing strategy online will mean you can find your key target market more easily and therefore be far more relevant than simply hoping “someone” will see your efforts at attracting them
  • There is less pressure on the consumer or business audience to actively engage with your content or product(s). In fact, much like using Netflix instead of watching TV, your audience can choose when they interact with your products and/or brand

How Does It Benefit The Consumer / Target Audience?

  • You can access the information you need and at your leisure
  • The key information you want is marketed more directly to your requirements (this will be covered below)
  • There is more likelihood you will want to use the services or buy the product(s) with key messaging that you are attracted by — which is most pertinent to your needs

How Does Internet Marketing Help Overall Service And Product Purchase Decisions?

This is where all elements of marketing come into play, particularly how internet marketing is a key part of the overall marketing strategy.

  • Data analytics — a brand or service can analyze the consumer audience and work out the best channels to reach that audience. This will lead to many of the following marketing channels and allow the product or service to be most effective at being seen by their key market(s)
  • SEO (search engine optimization) will give the website greater visibility
  • Social media — as a brand, you can ensure your overall strategy reaches out to your audience in the most relevant areas whether that be your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, even Snapchat
  • PPC (pay per click) allows your marketing strategy to reach your audience through the best channels such as social media ones listed above, for example via banner ads
  • Email marketing — allowing you to use campaign monitoring software to see which email recipient has read a message you have sent out, thereby knowing the most likely warm recipients to your targeted message. You can see who has opened the email and who hasn’t, how long they’ve spent reading your message, in short help inform the marketing strategy
  • Media spend — knowing your audience means spending in the right areas, not just throwing money at radio or TV or outdoor advertising. All of this is informed by the information gathered as part of the overall marketing strategy and usually starting at how your product or service is displayed through internet marketing

Instead of the Willie Loman approach (Death of a Salesman), you are enhancing the appeal of your brand by being seen in the right places and lessening negativity by not appearing as an unwanted poster ad or TV slot to people who will perhaps never need your service or product(s).

And For The Customer Or Consumer — Why Do I Need To Know About All This?

Think about what you are looking to find more information on or potentially buy. Here’s a couple of scenarios:

Scenario 1

You want to buy a laptop/tablet — but you’re not sure. Do you need a netbook? Or maybe a tablet such as the ipad will be ideal for your needs. So where do you go? Online. Hit up Google and begin to think about what you need it for. Leisure? Business? Or maybe both. Will you use it on the move a lot? Maybe a big laptop isn’t the best option then. Tablet? How do ipads measure up against the best tablets out there? You’ve found out some facts and you find a website informing you of the key benefits. They have an option to put in your email for more info to be sent direct to you. It’s pretty useful and perhaps you’ll buy the product you want or visit the store that afternoon as you can see from the website that they have an in-store special deal on.

Scenario 2

You need a lawyer (maybe it’s for a positive reason!). Are law firms stuffy? You have a look online. A firm pops up that looks human. Friendly faces, a couple of blogs on staff that look friendly and the messaging on the website is clear and helpful. You’re not sure so you put in some details to obtain more information and give you a chance to consider making an appointment. Later on Facebook, you see an advert from the same firm. Your mind is made up, you’re going to see them next week. You don’t feel as if they’re desperate for your custom but you kind of like that they’ve made an intelligent effort to be relevant to you. Whether that’s true or not, you’re a potential customer / client now.

The above scenarios have exposed you to internet marketing. As a consumer, you were empowered to pick and choose what you read, what you accessed and you made a powerful decision in deciding to engage in a service or buy their product.

On the other side of the fence, as a business owner, you are seeing more and more of these online interactions result in a revenue increase. The money spent on marketing strategy making internet marketing design a key part of that is giving a healthy ROI. It is also ensuring that you have far more clarity on who your target market are and crucially, how to reach them


So, Internet marketing is a key part of our daily lives if we have online access. As consumers, we make purchase decisions online. As business owners and for marketing agencies, it’s having the ability to articulate messaging and relevance to the target audience far more effectively.

And it’s just a form of communicating information and messages – which will always be the case.

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