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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of an online business. WIthout it, most online businesses would not be visible at all. An SEO expert has a duty of understanding the different search engines algorithms, their standards and modify your site according to these standards. The work of an SEO expert is ensuring that a client’s website ranks highly in the search engines such as Google. Surely, in this article, we will look at the top New York SEO experts.

1. Bruce Boyd

With over 12 years in the digital marketing industry, Bruce has helped many clients succeed in their online businesses. He is an SEO expert who focuses on analytics and understanding both small and large businesses. He takes pride in helping sites such as G4 Design House and Branded Online to increase market share.

2. Scott Darohn

Scott is a traditional sales and SEO expert who began devising marketing strategies a long time ago. All through this time, he has gained extensive knowledge in SEO and has helped lots of clients rank highly on search engines. He is also a serial entrepreneur and a digital marketing guru.

3. Bret Moleta

Moleta started as an entrepreneur, web designer and after hearing how people had no idea of marketing their businesses, he launched Mindsaw in 2000. In Addition, after launching Mindsaw, Moleta has been helping many people succeed in their online businesses. Additionally, he is a New York SEO expert who stands out from the rest and can be relied upon to produce desirable results.

4. Clay Darrohn

He is a digital marketing expert who has been helping clients to boost their conversions for over 20 years now. Also, for this whole time, he has gained extensive experience in helping online businesses stand out and succeed.

5. Guy Sheetrit

GUY is the SEO of a reputable SEO in New York and an SEO guru. Surely after gaining a 20 years experience in programming and working in the artificial intelligence, he found an innovative way of applying his skills. Additionally he decided to become an SEO consultant and help people generate traffic to their sites.

6. Clint Butler

He started out as a soldier in the army and served 21 years in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also after serving he went to study and gained two masters in Business Intelligence and Internet Marketing. Further in 2009, he took up SEO and since then, he has gained expert skills in page speed and SEO.

7. Paul Hudson

Paul specializes in generating leads for various online companies and optimizing their sites to generate more traffic. In addition, he is a certified SEO expert with wide knowledge in online marketing and has helped many companies succeed in marketing their products.

8. John Marcinuk

Being an experienced digital marketer, John focuses on content strategies, SEO and CRO. Moreover he leads a team of analytics and optimization experts, who work together to produce desirable results. Surely, he is a firm believer in digital marketing and recognizes the importance of SEO in generating online visibility.

9. Amber Ooley

Having been in the digital marketing industry for the past four years, Amber has gained enough knowledge in content production and SEO. Even more she is a New York SEO expert who is passionate about thriving of businesses online and boosting conversions.

10. Shannon Thammasiene

Being both a CRO and SEO expert, she takes pride in offering quality services to her clients. In addition, she graduated from the University of Phoenix where she learned project management skills and working together towards a common goal. She has helped many businesses thrive online.

Furthermore, to increase your site’s visibility and succeed in the online business world, it’s very important that you hire a New York SEO expert to optimize your site. Also, Mindsaw is one of the leading SEO companies that can help direct traffic to your site and boost your conversion rates!

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