Small Business Web Design: Why a Website is Important in 2018

Facts and numbers.

Small Business Web Design: Why a Website is Important in 2018Why Every Small Business Should Have a Website

For today’s small business owners, creating an online presence has never been more critical simply due to one reason – everyone is investing more time online. Conventional methods don’t work anymore. No matter what kind of business you run – big or small, it is very crucial to at least get a website to stay important in an exceedingly aggressive business sector. Let’s look at some important stats about small business web design.

Did You Know That:

  • 70 percent of U.S. households now use the Internet when shopping locally for products and services (The Kelsey Group; ConStat)
  • 3 in 5 SMBs say they’ve gained new customers by using social media. (Source: KoMarketing)
  • 40% of smartphone and tablet owners search for B2B products on those devices. (Source: KoMarketing)

Websites Are the New Telephone Books

How regularly do you research on the internet before you purchase something? The digital age has made it vital for people to depend on the web to search for the items and services that they require. A professional website will not only help shoppers to easily locate you and see what sort of business you are but will also act as a virtual store where individuals can discover helpful data on your site and collaborate with you through social networking sites.

Websites aren’t a luxury anymore, they’re an absolute necessity. With the volume of business that can be generated online, having a professional website is undeniably imperative to an organization’s survival. Any online business that does not adequately utilize this opportunity dangers it’s very existence.

Your Competitors Are Already Winning Business Online

Simply do a small search on the web and you’ll see that many of your competitors are already winning business online through a website and some smart marketing. Your services might be better than your competitors, but if people can’t find you, how are they ever going to contact you?

To compete on a level playing field and to boost your sales, having a website that has gone through a meticulous design and development process is of the essence. In fact, most of a company’s revenue is generated online these days. It is time you stop missing out on potential business!

What Are Businesses without Websites Missing out on?

Let’s understand how businesses cripple themselves if they don’t invest in a good website:

Local Search Is a Major Revenue Driver – Many business owners tend to think that brick and mortar outlet should hold them in good stead for the local market. This used to be true a decade ago, but as internet accessibility became increasingly mainstream, more and more customers have begun for look for products and services online. This means even local customers look for services and reviews of businesses online. Any business without an online presence simply fails to get the attention of customers.

Better Reputation Management – Online reviews and customer opinions also have a heavy impact on brand perception. Without an online presence, there is no proper management system to effectively tackle consumer opinions and concerns in this day and age. Simply put, misconceptions can tarnish a brand in a matter of days. Moreover, a great logo design is also important to grab the attention of your prospective customers. And the internet is a great place to push for greater brand visibility.

Cut-Throat Competition Demands a Website – Because almost all competitors these days invest heavily on websites and social media, it becomes imperative for the rest to follow suit. Businesses that purely operate on offline modes will severely lack the reach that their online counterparts will enjoy. Besides that, if you lack an online presence, all promotional efforts from your end shall fall on deaf ears since billboards and brochures can only do so much. So without a doubt, a small business website is a must.

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