Web Design in NYC: Technologies and Solutions 2018

What you need to do in 2018

Web Design in NYC: Modern Standards, Technologies and Solutions 2018Good web design is more than just a nice layout for us: it has to work efficiently on several levels. Our agency combines design and implementation with clear concepts, usability, responsive design, search engine friendliness (SEO), low page load (PageSpeed) and individuality. So your website convinces at the right moment, on every device.

You have done a lot to make sure prospects and potential customers visit your website. Now you should make the best of it. Your website visitors come to you with certain expectations. For example, you found your offer through a search on Google. Now you should also give them exactly what they are looking for – relevant information about your products or services, as well as the ability to request information or quotes . Everything embedded in a visually high-quality, trustworthy website .

Modern Webdesign Standards

The demands of today’s users are high. It is therefore particularly important that not only the web design stands out. Your website should also be user friendly clearly structured and to the terminal of each client adapted to be.

Already more than 50% of all users go mobile to the Internet, ie they call websites with a smartphone or tablet. It is important for every company to keep pace with the new technical conditions in web design. The responsive design technique meets the demand for optimal web content viewing on any mobile device, in any screen size . Most modern websites today are programmed with this technology. We also recommend switching older pages to the new requirements. Not least because the mobile friendliness of a website counts as a Google ranking factor and is therefore essential for a search engine optimized website (mobile-friendly). For these reasons we create all websites and landing pages completely responsive design – for optimal presentation on mobile devices.

Latest Web Technologies & Solutions

Functioning technology with system forms the basis of the success of your website. We offer web design with content management systems (CMS) and extensions that allow you to edit the content of your website in the long term. A quick management of text, photos and documents is thus easily possible.

In addition to CMS programming, we also implement complex online applications . For example, we offer a complete website solution for real estate agents with an interface to the corresponding broker software. Our programmers are also happy to develop individual technical solutions for your requirements. Of course we pay attention to the latest web standards and developments in web design and programming.

The ease of use and readability have a significant impact on customer benefit. Convince your customers and website visitors with an optimized Internet presence.

Website Creation

Our websites are available for purchase or in the website subscription. Upon purchase , the page is handed out after creation so that it can be put online on any server. There is also a training course for dealing with the used content management system WordPress . With the website subscription, we create your website with a CMS and host the page on our server, so that the content maintenance and technical maintenance come from a single source.

Hosting & Website Maintenance

As a full-service Internet agency, we offer our customers the option of having their website hosted and maintained by us after their creation. Depending on requirements, we provide extensive technical service with our technical Flat.

Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile?

Did you ever land on a website while surfing with your smartphone, where you could not see anything without zooming or scrolling? This is the case if a website has not been optimized for mobile devices . This can be very frustrating for you or other mobile search users. At present, almost everyone has a smartphone with them everywhere and at any time and can communicate with them continuously or search for information. Mobile optimization is now one of the most important criteria for a website and is a major Google ranking factor .

Turn Your Website Visitors into Returning Customers

If the visitors are on your website, the circle of your customer acquisition is not automatically completed. That many visitors land on your website or landing page, is only a partial success. The point now is to generate qualified leads – that is, to lead your visitors to an order or contact. Our web designers optimize your website for the optimal reception of your visitors. These include so-called conversion elements – activating elements – trust elements or additional relevant content . Based on comparative values, experiences and tests, individual elements such as text and image content, graphics and call-to-action buttons are created set in the right relationship and order. After successful testing, you can expect a significant increase in your customer inquiries. In some cases, it may be useful to direct traffic to a separate landing page to promote special products or services. As a result, customer inquiries can be increased many times over.

You are competent in your field, know your industry and understand something about your business – just like us! We take care of the smooth planning, the web design, the implementation and maintenance of your website. So we have your back, so you can take care of the processing of your inquiries and the care of your new customers.

Every operator is master of his website. At least that’s what he should be. That means he can do a lot there to make the search engines friendly. Here are some important criteria that are explained below:

Pagespeed / Performance

The faster a website gets set up, the better. On the one hand, this applies to the visitor, who is happy when the page appears fast. On the other hand, the search engine is happy because it has only a very limited time for the investigation of the website (the so-called crawling ). She has to fly on to visit the other millions of homepages.

Meaningful and Appropriate Content

If there is a lot of meaningful content in text and image content on a homepage, this is good for the visitor to the page. He has entered a search term in the window of a search engine and now expects matching content on the website. The search engine also checks whether the content of the website matches the search term (keyword). Also considered are the pictures. Here mass is not required alone. The structuring, error density and readability are evaluation principles.

Ease of Use / Usability

Nobody gets lost. Not on the internet. So if you visit a website, you want to know at any time where it is and which way to go. A meaningful navigation, well recognizable and sufficiently large buttons as well as a clear structure of main and subpages are the task of the web design and for the visitor an important criterion, in order to find one’s way and to receive the information he was looking for. The search engines see the same and evaluate tidy and user-friendly websites with meaningful navigation better than chaotic websites with dead ends.

What you can do to optimize your website in this way is self-explanatory. There are many other onpage optimization options. These will be presented in upcoming contributions. In our next article, however, we first go outside to the World Wide Web. Because there too, in the off-page optimization, there is a lot to do.

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